INDISCH was created initially because of the need in the community for access to easy and cheap education, even free of charge. Because actually Indonesia has superior human resources, compared to other countries. Both in terms of number and quality, this is evidenced by the number of Indonesian students and students who excel in various Olympic events, by defeating representatives from other countries in the world. But unfortunately access to education and learning is uneven. So it needs a breakthrough, where everyone has access to education and learning that is easy, cheap even free. Not only do they get wider learning opportunities, but also teaching opportunities that are open to anyone, whether formal lessons in school, or informal lessons with vocational, soft skills, motivation and inspiration that can move Indonesia in a better direction in the future.

Why is INDISCH created?

INDISH was created as a Social Media Platform, where every learner and teacher can interact with each other, sharing learning videos. Currently there are two learning resources for school students to students, even the general public, namely

  • Curriculum created by ministries and related agencies, which must be followed to complete each level of education.
  • Non curriculum, where everyone is looking for learning materials on the Internet, one of which is video sharing based, youtube..

Learning applications that are currently on the market, tend to follow the stages that exist in the curricular, so that everyone is directed to follow a pattern that does not necessarily follow the needs of the market. While non curriculum, usually searching on the Internet is not child-friendly. Because, there is a lot of material, especially videos on youtube that can be accessed freely. There are at least 3 types of harmful videos, namely:

  • Terrorism-related videos
  • Videos of illegal drugs
  • Pornographic-related videos

Even hundreds of pornographic-related videos can be accessed by anyone in less than 3 minutes.

Recognizing the need for more independent learning, but also better protected from negative content, we present INDISCH as a social media-based learning solution.

Hope for education in Indonesia?
A developed country, is no longer determined by how much natural resources it has, but as resilient and competitive as its human resources. Therefore, Indonesia should be able to see the next 10 to 20 years, by starting to improve the education system based on the needs of industry and business. In addition, researches that are realized to be a solution for society and business are indispensable, so that it does not only end up as a scientific journal that becomes a requirement for an academic degree, or the academic obligations of students and lecturers at University.

We present INDISCH, as one of the productive social media solutions, because it can share knowledge with each other, and also provide equal opportunities to the community of learners in Indonesia, to be able to learn and teach anywhere.

What is INDISCH’s position in today’s digital age?

This digital age is like two sides of a blade. We can make the most of the interests and progress of the nation, including the next generation of the nation. But on the other hand it can have a negative impact, if not accompanied by anticipation of excesses arising from internet speed and information disclosure in this digital era. We see how China dares to ban youtube, facebook, whatsapp, twitter and replace it with local products in their own country, showing that the government can intervene against unlimited access to information. Therefore, if we have not been able to create a technology that at least equals the platform to access free information as offered by social media such as youtube, facebook, whatsapp, twitter and others, then at least we can limit its access, and give space to local social media with more selective content such as INDISCH.

Hope INDISCH as a Learning solution? Software or similar applications are generally distinguished into two, namely:

  1. One-way learning application, where the curriculum and content have been determined by the provider, where students and participants can only follow the predetermined flow.
  2. Video content aggregator that allows the upload and sharing of videos with free content, which allows students to get lost in it, especially so easily access video material that is not in accordance with educational purposes.

INDISCH is a combination of social media, can create and consume content, as well as sharing with anyone connected, but with more selective video content. With INDISCH, the role of teachers and lecturers is irreplaceable, because they become subjects in learning, not replaced by presenters provided by education application providers. The most important thing about the INDISCH app is that it’s 100% free, where anyone can create learning video content as a publisher, sharing it with learners or subscribers with Private, Subscribe or Public access. So that everyone has the same learning and teaching opportunities. Therefore, our motto is Indonesia Learning – Indonesia Teaching.