PT Lemurian Innovation Technology (Lemurian) is a company built with dedication and full idealism to create reliable information technology products and can be an important part in the acceleration and development of the company’s business. Since its establishment in 2015, Lemurian has built a wide range of products, both products specifically used by bookers, as well as products that are ready to go-to-market, Enterprise System for Technology and Information Management (ESTIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Indonesia Digital School (INDISCH) and many more products based on innovation and other creativity that become the strength and characteristic of our company.

We are very confident that in the next 5 years, Lemurian will become a start-up company that is already aligned with other technology-based companies. Therefore, we invite investors to monitor the development of our company and products, because you may be our partner

Tata Kartadibrata – CEO of PT Lemurian Inovasi Teknologi